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Intro­duc­ing PPG’s Color of the Year 2023: Vin­ing Ivy (PPG1148-​6)

This strik­ing green-​blue jewel-​toned hue is sym­bolic of deep water. It is “both calm­ing and invig­o­rat­ing; ener­giz­ing and refresh­ing yet ground­ing;
eas­ily adapt­able for any space in both con­tem­po­rary and tra­di­tional envi­ron­ments. It cre­ates a dra­matic yet calm­ing feel
when painted on all four walls of a room or adds reflec­tive char­ac­ter to an accent wall.” (Cour­tesy of PPG).
If you are inspired by this color, stop by for a free 8oz sam­ple!

We carry a range of PPG Paints that embod­ies qual­ity that you expect. PPG Paints offer a vari­ety of zero– or low-​VOC prod­ucts for your exte­rior and inte­rior projects that pro­vide supe­rior per­for­mance for a long-​lasting finish.

Look­ing for other PPG Paints prod­ucts that are not listed here? We can order any item from the PPG Paints line for you to have within one to two days.

PPG Inte­rior Paint

  • Wonder-​Tones™ is our most pop­u­lar and ver­sa­tile inte­rior paint. Wonder-​Tones is a high-​quality, vinyl acrylic latex, low VOC/​low odor, paint and primer in one paint
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  • Pure Per­for­mance is a pre­mium 100% acrylic latex inte­rior paint that offers supe­rior per­for­mance. With its fast dry and Zero-​VOC/​low odor tech­nol­ogy, this paint
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  • With great per­for­mance, Speed­hide® Zero inte­rior acrylic paint pro­vides a durable, long-​lasting, beau­ti­ful fin­ish. This pro­fes­sional grade zero-​VOC acrylic paint is ideal for paint­ing
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PPG Exte­rior Paint

  • For out­stand­ing per­for­mance and a long-​lasting, beau­ti­ful fin­ish, use Acri-​Shield® Max, a pre­mium qual­ity, ure­thane mod­i­fied, 100% acrylic exte­rior house paint. This low VOC/​low
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  • Sun Proof is a high qual­ity 100% acrylic latex exte­rior paint that pro­vides durable pro­tec­tion against weath­er­ing and fad­ing for a long-​lasting fin­ish. With
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  • Speed Cryl® is a pro­fes­sional qual­ity, 100% acrylic exte­rior latex paint that pro­vides an eco­nom­i­cal option for good adhe­sion, hid­ing and cov­er­age on a
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PPG for Masonry & Concrete

  • Break-​Through! Is a high-​performance, ver­sa­tile, ultra-​durable, interior/​exterior water­borne acrylic that is for­mu­lated to bond to some of the most dif­fi­cult sub­strates, includ­ing fiber­glass, metal,
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  • Perma-​Crete High Build Acrylic Top­coat is specif­i­cally designed for inte­rior and exte­rior, above grade, masonry sub­strates requir­ing high per­for­mance pro­tec­tion. Perma-​Crete 422 is alkali
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  • Perma-​Crete® Color Seal™ WB Interior/​Exterior Con­crete Stain is a film form­ing, tintable, water borne, acrylic con­crete stain ideal for use on interior/​exterior…
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  • Perma-​Crete® Plex-​Seal® WB Interior/​Exterior Clear Sealer is a clear, non-​yellowing, film form­ing, water-​borne acrylic sealer ideal for use on interior/​exterior, above-​ground, ver­ti­cal and hor­i­zon­tal
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  • Speed­hide ® Interior/​Exterior Masonry Latex Block Filler is PPG’s bet­ter pro­fes­sional block filler for­mu­lated to meet the per­for­mance require­ments of pro­fes­sional appli­ca­tors. It has a
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  • Aquapon WB is a two-​component, water-​borne epoxy interior/​exterior coat­ing sys­tem for use in com­mer­cial and indus­trial envi­ron­ments (and res­i­den­tial garage floors) where a tough…
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PPG Primers