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The NEW PPG Pitts­burgh Paints® brand fea­tures all the same sub-​brands in the Devoe line, and are only avail­able here. PPG Pitts­burgh Paints and Devoe Paint came together in 2014 to cre­ate a brand with unpar­al­leled prod­uct qual­ity, over 300 years of com­bined exper­tise and knowl­edge, and the industry-​leading Voice of Color® program.

Weather King® has the same excep­tional advanced tech­nol­ogy low VOC, low-​temp for­mula that makes it our best-​selling 100% acrylic exte­rior paint. Wonder-​Tones™ is still the same bril­liant for­mula that makes it such a high qual­ity, ver­sa­tile inte­rior paint that con­tin­ues to stand above the rest. Wonder-​Pure™ Zero-​VOC now has a satin fin­ish added to the line, and is now at an even bet­ter price. All the primers are also part of the new PPG Pitts­burgh Paints brand, includ­ing the excel­lent Kil­stain® WB Primer, which has been refor­mu­lated with a new advanced tech­nol­ogy, and the high-​quality High Hid­ing inte­rior primer that our pro­fes­sional painters claim is incom­pa­ra­ble. We now have the new PPG Zero VOC col­orants which means that all the Zero VOC and low VOC prod­ucts remain at that level when tinted.

8oz Color Tester for $3.99.
Help­ing you find the per­fect color has never been eas­ier. This color tester can be tinted to thou­sands of col­ors, and cov­ers 16 square feet so you can pic­ture the fin­ished look.


The Voice of Color® pro­gram has more than 2,000 gor­geous col­ors to inspire you and unique and com­plete color tools to make color selec­tion eas­ier. For more details visit www​.ppgvoice​of​color​.com. We have their brand new dig­i­tal kiosk, which includes a 42″ touch­screen com­pletely inte­grated for you to shop by color, project, tip and color combinations.

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Glidden Pro Paint

Only avail­able in this area at Sedona Paint Center.

Glid­den Professional’s Ultra-​Hidereg-mark No VOC is an impres­sive inte­rior paint with vir­tu­ally no odor for early re-​use of rooms. Start­ing at $25.99/gal.

Glid­den Pro­fes­sional paints and elas­tomer­ics embody qual­ity and per­for­mance for long-​lasting beauty.

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Penofin wood stains

Penofinreg-mark is the World’s Finest Wood Fin­ishreg-mark. Penofin began pro­duc­tion in 1982 and has always been com­mit­ted to the envi­ron­ment. They use Brazil­ian Rose­wood oil in all their exte­rior and inte­rior prod­ucts. Penofin is per­fect for decks, sid­ing, fences, gaze­bos, log homes, boats, docks, antiques, floors, cab­i­nets, and fur­ni­ture. Penofin’s exte­rior line comes in 90%-plus ultra­vi­o­let for­mu­las. Free sam­ples to help you find the per­fect color for your wood.

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The Floodreg-mark brand has earned its rep­u­ta­tion as “The Wood Care Spe­cial­ist”. Flood’s prod­ucts pro­tects, pre­serves and beau­ti­fies decks, fences and sid­ing. Whether you pre­fer a nat­ural look or one with color vari­eties that com­pli­ment your home, Flood has the right prod­ucts to meet your needs.

Flood’s SWF-​Solid Color Fin­ish is rated #1 by Con­sumer Mag­a­zine and has a guar­an­tee of 15 years on sid­ing and 5 years on decks.Flood’s CWF-​UV and CWF-​UV5 Oil clear wood fin­ishes are guar­an­teed for 4 years on sid­ing and 2 years on decks, and 5 years on sid­ing and 3 years on decks respec­tively.

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Mod­ern Mas­ters
is rec­og­nized as the num­ber 1 sup­plier of high-​end, spe­cialty water base paint prod­ucts in the world. Their brands include the Metal­lic Paint Col­lec­tion, Metal Effects, Venet­ian Plas­ter and their Metal­lic Plas­ter. Sur­round your­self with the warm, rich, shim­mer­ing col­ors from the Metal­lic Paint Col­lec­tion. The 50 metal­lic col­ors are inter-​mixable so you can cre­ate a one-​of-​a-​kind cus­tom color. Matte Metal­lic is avail­able in 15 col­ors. Metal Effects Reac­tive Metal­lic Paints, with the Patina Aging Solu­tions & Acti­va­tors, cre­ate beau­ti­ful, authen­tic Patina, Baroque and Rusted Iron fin­ishes on any paintable sur­face. Their new Metal­lic Plas­ter is a trow­el­ing plas­ter that pro­vides a beau­ti­ful shim­mer when applied. The color palette is avail­able in over 40 col­ors, but can be inter­mixed to achieve an unlim­ited palette of color.

For addi­tional details and com­pre­hen­sive info, please visit

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Dunn-Edwards paints

Dunn-​Edwardsreg-mark have been mak­ing the finest paints since 1925. Dunn-​Edwards have been ranked as high as #1 for over­all sat­is­fac­tion, paint dura­bil­ity and warranty/​guar­an­tee. Their paints are made in the South­west and are for­mu­lated and tested in the envi­ron­ment we live in.

8oz. at the low price of FREE!
Per­fect Palettereg-mark Sam­pler makes choos­ing the per­fect color easy. Each Sam­pler cov­ers a 4′ x 4′ area with two coats of paint and can be tinted to thou­sands of colors.

Dunn-Edwards paint sampler

Dunn-​Edwards under­stands the impor­tance of a con­sis­tently excel­lent prod­uct, which is why their paints are for­mu­lated using only the high­est per­form­ing ingre­di­ents available.

Zero VOC Paint

Dunn-​Edwards have a wide array of high qual­ity exte­rior and inte­rior paints, includ­ing their out­stand­ing ultra-​premium exte­rior Ever­shield® and inte­rior Suprema®, pre­mium exte­rior Spar­tashield®, and their pro­fes­sional exte­rior Acri-​Hues® and interior/​exterior Versa line. We are delighted to have their environmentally-​superior Zero VOC col­orants so their Zero VOC will remain Zero VOC. When used to tint low and ultra-​low VOC paint, the Zero VOC col­orants will ensure that the paint odor remains held to a minimum.

Dunn-​Edwards added 300 beau­ti­ful new col­ors — Then, Now & For­ever™ Col­lec­tion — to the nearly 2,000 fab­u­lous col­ors in their Per­fect Palette® pro­gram. New is their color visu­al­iza­tion tool (part of their new Insta­color), which is a set of tools you can use to cap­ture what inspires you, wher­ever you are, and give any paint project your sig­na­ture style. For more info, go to www​.dunned​wards​.com/​c​o​l​o​r​s.

Dunn-​Edwardsreg-mark is ded­i­cated to a greener by designreg-mark phi­los­o­phy and pro­duces its eco-​friendly paints in the world’s first LEED Gold-​certified man­u­fac­tur­ing plant in Phoenix. Their paints con­form to LEED, Mas­ter Painters Insti­tute (MPI) and Green Seal stan­dards. A large selec­tion of their paints and primers have also been cer­ti­fied by Green Wisereg-mark.

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SikkensProLuxe Logo

A brand with more than 200 years of her­itage and qual­ity, Sikkens® wood fin­ishes is chang­ing its name but not its for­mula. A pre­mium exte­rior wood fin­ishes brand for decks, rail­ings, logs, doors and win­dows is becom­ing the Sikkens PRO­LUXE™ brand. Sikkens Pro­Luxe fin­ishes pre­serve, pro­tect and bring out the nat­ural beauty of all types of wood. Cetol SRD, Cetol Log & Sid­ing, Cetol DEK, Cetol Door & Win­dow, Cetol 1 and 23 Plus are designed to pro­vide unri­valed looks, dura­bil­ity and per­for­mance to max­i­mize longevity and beauty.

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Ari­zona Poly­mer Floor­ing began man­u­fac­tur­ing floor coat­ings and seal­ers over 25 years ago. Their prod­ucts include dec­o­ra­tive color chip floor­ing, archi­tec­tural con­crete seal­ers, con­crete stains, dec­o­ra­tive poly­mer con­crete, con­crete dyes, slurry broad­cast floor­ing, and other pro­tec­tive coatings.


UGL waterproofing paint

UGL’s Dry­lok Latex and Dry­lok Extreme are guar­an­teed to stop water — even under pres­sure — and are America’s most ver­sa­tile water­proof­ing paint. Wher­ever water and masonry meet, Dry­lox Latex or Dry­lok Extreme will water­proof, pro­tect, and beau­tify. UGL NuDeck is a brand new prod­uct that renews old and dam­aged con­crete and wood sur­faces for a beau­ti­ful new finish.


Zar Exterior Logo Small

Beau­tify your exte­rior sur­faces with ZAR Exte­rior Solid Color Deck & Sid­ing Stain. This spe­cially for­mu­lated stain has a dual resin tech­nol­ogy, can be used on a vari­ety of sur­faces and is self-​priming. This supe­rior stain offers extreme dura­bil­ity and long-​lasting color, while shield­ing and pro­tect­ing against the dam­ag­ing effects of sun, rain and snow. Can be tinted to thou­sands of colors.

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Cre­ate a beau­ti­ful, rich fin­ish for your inte­rior wood with ZAR oil-​based stains. Avail­able in 20 ready mixed col­ors. We can also tint to cus­tom colors.

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Gaco waterproof coatins

Since 1955, Gaco has been man­u­fac­tur­ing high-​quality water­proof­ing coat­ing prod­ucts. GacoRoofreg-mark, and GacoDeckreg-mark pro­vide long-​lasting pro­tec­tion with a 50 year lim­ited warranty.

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