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Flood Wood Care Products

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Flood deck coatings

The Floodreg-mark brand has earned its rep­u­ta­tion as “The Wood Care Spe­cial­ist”. Flood’s prod­ucts pro­tects, pre­serves and beau­ti­fies decks, fences and sid­ing. Whether you pre­fer a nat­ural look or one with color vari­eties that com­pli­ment your home, Flood has the right prod­ucts to meet your needs.

Flood brand prod­ucts make it easy to get the long-​lasting pro­tec­tion you need, allow­ing you more time to enjoy your out­door liv­ing space. Supe­rior pen­e­tra­tion and adhe­sion is built into every Flood brand fin­ish. And with guar­an­teed per­for­mance, Flood offers the best value in exte­rior wood care. You can be con­fi­dent Flood will pro­vide the same reli­able, durable pro­tec­tion that pro­fes­sion­als have trusted for years. For your time, for your money, and for your exte­rior wood sur­faces, Flood is the right choice.

Flood deck paint


Floodreg-mark SWF-​SOLID Color Wood Fin­ish is a pre­mium fin­ish for new wood and for recoat­ing old appli­ca­tions. SWF-​SOLID is for­ti­fied with E-​B Emulsa-​Bondreg-mark to pro­vide unsur­passed adhe­sion to ver­ti­cal and hor­i­zon­tal exte­rior sub­strates where other prod­ucts ulti­mately fail or require exten­sive prepa­ra­tion and prim­ing. SWF-​SOLID blends acrylic and ure­thane tech­nolo­gies to pro­vide reli­able adhe­sion, abrasion-​resistance and flex­i­bil­ity. SWF-​SOLID deliv­ers high traf­fic per­for­mance on deck sur­faces and is the per­fect choice for long-​lasting beauty on sid­ing. SWF-​SOLID Color Fin­ish is rated #1 by Con­sumer Mag­a­zine and has a guar­an­tee of 15 years on sid­ing and 5 years on decks. Pro­vides a rich color and allows wood tex­ture to show while hid­ing imper­fec­tions; its fin­ish resists peel­ing, blis­ter­ing and mildew; and pro­vides supe­rior pen­e­tra­tion and adhe­sion for long last­ing per­for­mance. Is tintable to thou­sands of colors.


  • For exte­rior use only.
  • New or weath­ered exte­rior wood.
  • Pre­vi­ously coated exte­rior surfaces.
  • Sid­ing (new or weath­ered, includ­ing: untreated solid wood, primed and pre­vi­ously fin­ished fiber cement board and ply­wood, includ­ing T1-​11, and aluminum).
  • Decks, docks and other hor­i­zon­tal sur­faces includ­ing PTW, cedar, red­wood, hard­woods and com­pos­ite decking.
  • Fences and other ver­ti­cal surfaces.
  • Trim boards and out­door wood furniture.
  • Weath­ered ver­ti­cal masonry includ­ing stucco, painted block, EIFS, etc.

Key Fea­ture: Self-​priming

Datasheet: Flood SWF Solid Stain

For a nat­ural look, there is Flood’s CWF-​UV and CWF-​UV5 Oil clear wood finishes.

CWF-​UVreg-mark is a clear wood fin­ish that’s designed to restore the rich, warm appear­ance of nat­ural wood. CWF-​UV pro­tects against dam­age caused by mois­ture and ultra­vi­o­let rays, and pro­vides a mildew-​resistant fin­ish that won’t crack, peel or flake. Guar­an­teed 4 years on wood sid­ing and 2 years on wood decks. CWF-​UV pro­tects from the inside out, pen­e­trates to pre­serve the nat­ural beauty of the wood, and has easy soap and water clean-​up. Can be used on all new or weath­ered exte­rior wood – decks, fences, sid­ing and fur­ni­ture — that is porous enough to accept a pen­e­trat­ing finish.


  • For exte­rior use only.
  • Weath­ered exte­rior woods includ­ing Cedar, Red­wood and Pressure-​Treated Wood.
  • Hor­i­zon­tal and ver­ti­cal sur­faces such as decks, sid­ing, fences and furniture.

Datasheet: Flood CWF-​UV

CWF-​UVreg-mark 5 OIL Clear Wood Fin­ish is a pre­mium translu­cent, pen­e­trat­ing oil fin­ish for exte­rior wood. It is for­ti­fied with Flood Pen­etrolreg-mark addi­tive for max­i­mum pen­e­tra­tion and pro­tec­tion and trans­par­ent oxides to guard the wood from ultra­vi­o­let dam­age. Avail­able in ready-​made wood tones as well as an incred­i­bly ver­sa­tile Clear Tint Base that can be tinted and custom-​matched to most any wood tone while main­tain­ing the nat­ural look of wood, and a vari­ety of other semi-​transparent col­ors. Guar­an­teed 5 years on wood sid­ing and 3 years on decks. Can be used on weath­ered exte­rior woods includ­ing Cedar, Red­wood, and Pressure-​treated wood; hor­i­zon­tal and ver­ti­cal sur­faces such as decks, sid­ing, shake roofs, docks and furniture.


  • For exte­rior use only.
  • Weath­ered exte­rior woods includ­ing Cedar, Red­wood, and Pres­sure– Treated Wood.
  • Hor­i­zon­tal and ver­ti­cal sur­faces such as decks, sid­ing, shake roofs, fences, docks and furniture.
  • Allow all new wood to weather 1 year to dry out and open pores before finishing.

Datasheet: Flood CWF-​UV5 Oil


TWF-​SEMI Semi-​Transparent Wood Fin­ish is a premium-​quality fin­ish that pro­vides long-​lasting appear­ance and pro­tec­tion to nat­ural wood. Its exclu­sive for­mula com­bines the rich pen­e­tra­tion of an oil with the dura­bil­ity of an acrylic resin. It enhances the nat­ural char­ac­ter of the wood, allow­ing the grain and tex­ture to show through. TWF-​SEMI pro­vides a mildew-​resistant fin­ish and deliv­ers unsur­passed peel and fade resis­tance for 5 years on sid­ing and 3 years on decks.


Exte­rior wood sur­faces, including:

  • Sid­ing
  • Decks & Docks
  • Fences
  • Shin­gles & Siding
  • Pres­sure Treated Lumber
  • Ply­wood (includ­ing T1-​11)
  • Barns
  • Rafters & Beams
  • Trim Boards
  • Out­door Wood Furniture

Datasheet: Flood TWF-​SEMI

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